Wednesday, 31 October 2007

He did it!!

Monsieur Le Poop has celebrated his second birthday along with his brother Widdley Woo! I'm so chuffed! We had a little celebration involving veg and cake! Here are some piccies as promised :)

Saturday, 27 October 2007


Over a month. Sorry.

What a news packed month it has been too. There's no way I'll remember everything which has happened so I'll stick with some brief hightlights.

The main, most exciting news is that our Sprog Dog numbers are once again at 6! I won't go into the whole story again here - you can read it on this page

Homing of the Portsmouth Rats has gone fairly well with all the Mum's and baby boys now homed or reserved. There are still a lot of baby girls left though :(

The really great news is that the last of the pink eyed white gerbils have found a home. They had been waiting over a year for someone who wasn't put off by their colour.

A few of the degus are reserved for new homes as well :) And two lots of spiny mice found new homes :)

The sad news is that Poop, one of my own rats, is unwell with a suspected brain tumour. He probably only has days left with us. It will be his 2nd birthday on the 30th of this month and I'm hoping he can stay with us that long at least so we can have a little party for him and his brother, Widdle. Hopefully I can update again in a few days with some nice pics of a rat party :D