Friday, 23 May 2008


Shadow is back indoors cos he started scratching himself up again.

Skip is bunged again, two weeks after his last enema. No amount of laxatives seem to be shifting it.

Super Susie Tripod has two lumps but I don't think it's right to put her through having them removed.

Astro has a big lump under his chin. I'm hoping it's an abcess - we're off to the vets soon.

Widdle is also coming to the vets. But he won't be coming home. He has been going downhill for a little while now, particularly over the last few days. This afternoon he has begun having little seizures so I suspect some form of brain tumour.

I'm just exhausted with all the worry and sadness. It's constant at the moment :(

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Some Good News

First and foremost I'm delighted to report that Skip had his enema yesterday. All went well and they've flushed him out good and proper!! He's back to his usual norty little self already :)

Secondly, Barney the grumpy single male rat has had a perfect sounding home offer and will be leaving us tomorrow for his new home :D

And finally, Shadow and Kitkat wabbits went outside today for the first time in about 3 months. Here's some pics of them enjoying the sunshine!

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Urgh I am just exhausted at the moment from so much worrying. I have had months of worrying about Shadow, I am just done worrying about Erika (with a sad outcome), I am worring about Mollie squirrel (she's losing weight, very quiet, not eating much just as she was a year ago) and well I'm almost constantly worrying about Skip. I guess it has come to a head tonight because Skip is bunged again. It has only been two weeks since his last enema but he hasn't really been quite right since. I don't think they entirely unblocked him to be honest. So I don't want to leave him til Monday which means praying the vets can fit him in tomorrow. I can't describe how horrid I feel tonight, I just adore him so much :(


Erika degu has left us today :(

She went to the vets a few weeks back cos she was losing weight. I thought it was to do with her teeth and when they turned out to be overgrown it appeared I was right. Initially she seemed to do better after her teeth were seen to but in the last few days the weight has suddenly just fallen off her and she ended up like a walking skeleton. It was obvious her time had come but she didn't appear to be suffering so we decided to let nature take its course unless she looked to be in any pain. And then last night it was apparent she didn't have long. I sat with her for a while, kissing her and talking to her. Then I made her a nest and made her comfortable. To my surprise she was still with us this morning but slipped away some time this morning.

Erika was very special to me. She was the most confident of our degus and would climb out of the door and try to escape and get up to mischief at any opportunity. She seemed to genuinely like us and would happily sit on my shoulder. She will be very much missed.

Sunday, 4 May 2008


aka babies ;)

Got them out and weighed and photographed them again. Most are doing well but the 4 who had been stolen by Akuti are still flagging behind the others. She had stolen them again today and all but 1 baby was in her nest. If she persists I might have to think about separating her and her babies out so that all the babies get a fair chance to feed.

Anyway here are some new piccies

Friday, 2 May 2008

Poor Ronnie :(

Wednesday night we went to bed and soon after things really kicked off in the rodent room. At first I thought it was Reggie's gang who have been a bit squabbly recently but it was coming from the cage containing Frankie, Ronnie, Harry, Robson and Fred. There had been a little tension between Ronnie and Harry, mainly cos Ron liked to hump Harry. Well it seems Harry finally had enough cos he turned on Ronnie big time raining dozens of bites down on his back :( I opened the cage and Ron jumped out the door and straight up my arm, clearly in shock. So he and Frank have had to be moved out of that cage and are in temporary lodgings in the bathroom til tomorrow when Reggie's lot go to their new home.

It seems to have been the week for fall outs. The baby boy mice and their Dad came back from foster and the boys fell out straight away. One of them has had to be taken out and the other two are dubious as to whether they will stay together. I darent try them with Dad while they're like this so I might end up getting them all neutered at this rate :(

Anyway, as I say Reggie & Co go to their new home tomorrow which is great news. We really need the space at the moment as we have a waiting list of about 50 animals waiting to come in!