Friday, 29 June 2007

Mr B update

Well, Begley went to the vets again on Monday and Sandra thinks it's more likely a simple respiratory infection or some lungworm. So he has some wormer and antibiotics and we'll see how he goes. He has been a bit better but he does still have a little cough when he gets excited.

Loki has been chewing on her leg. We've been doing some work on the house this week so the dogs have been upstairs while we've been working downstairs. This is not acceptable to a Pokemon who does not like to be left out of anything. So she has shown her displeasure (and attempted to get attention) by chewing her leg and making it sore. So at the moment she has to have a bandage on it to stop her getting to it. She likes having a bandage cos she gets lots of attention and sympathy!! She's such a tart!

The little mouse mentioned a couple of posts down arrived this evening. Once he has settled in we'll try intros with the grumpy ham! Fingers crossed they hit it off.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Poorly Beeble

My poor baby man Begley is ill :(

It started yesterday morning when he began coughing. He has always tended to cough when on the lead or excited or when one of the other dogs lays on him but this went on all day.

I took a video to show the vet

So we took him there this morning. She thinks he has a collapsed trachea which apparently is a genetic condition. This is why he coughs when pressure is put on his throat, when he exerts himself or gets too excited. We're hoping to see Sandra in the next couple of days to try and find out more about how serious this is. I'm reading conflicting info on the internet and it seems we need it properly assessed to see what grade of collapse it is. He may need medication, he made need surgery, or we may just need to keep him cool, calm and not too podgy. It's very worrying anyway - he is my very special boy and I love him so very much. He has been milking it for all it's worth today - as if he wasn't enough of a spoilt brat already!

Sunday, 17 June 2007


Today is not a happy day for me :( It's a year today since Fraggle came to live with us so today we should be celebrating her first gotcha day. But she is no longer here :( And it's Father's Day which is a sad day when your Dad isn't with you either.

So it's nice to have a cute piccie of a future new arrival to cheer me up. This is the little mousey man who is coming to stay next weekend and hopefully be the grumpy russian hamsters new friend. Isn't he scrummy?

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Too hot!

I forgot how horrid the rodent room is in summer. Within five minutes of starting cleaning out I'm sweating horribly and no matter how much I clean it permanently smells in there :(

We have had some more new arrivals since the weekend. Bizarrely enough, after Jilly, Cassie and Bunny came for their hols, two of Jilly's daughters have been returned. Nothing sinister, their Mum's circumstances changed and she did totally the right thing and returned them to us. And they've come back clean, healthy and with lovely temperaments. I don't suppose they will be here very long. Of course, Jilly is their Mum and their Dad is one of Spike, Beaker and Fozzie who were returned in April. Quite spooky!

I had a lovely time with Mollie this evening. She has been a bit neglected the last few days. I just dont seem to be able to catch up with things at the moment. I'm behind on the cleaning and don't even ask about the state of the house! So there hasn't been much time for vermin princess cuddles. So tonight she came out and she was bounding around the room like a nutcase! So I started fighting with her with my hand and to my delight she fought back. We had a lovely play and she was really enjoying herself! It was hilarious. Her claws were a bit long so I trimmed them and all the time she was having playful little nibbles at my fingers. I am an incredibly happy, proud Mummy tonight :D

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Me again

You can't shut me up today!

We have some new arrivals. Guess what? More degus!! Four young boys who were left over pet shop stock. They seem like nice, friendly, healthy lads anyway. I can hear them having a chat with their new neighbours from here!!


Announcing the new name of our latest addition.

Henceforth the chinchilla formerly known as Lily shall be known as "Skye".

I thank you!


I can't believe this. I've only gone and broken my toe - again! This is the fourth time in as many years! First I broke the little toe on my right foot by whacking it really hard on the base of my bed. Then I broke the second toe on my right foot when I fell out of the shower (dont ask). Then, just as that was almost healed, I jammed it into a metal cage and broke it again. Then Friday night I opened the kitchen door to walk into the kitchen but mistimed it so pulled the door back and moved my left foot forward at the same time. So now I have a pretty purple line all the way down my toe and it reaaaally hurts! I guess it's something to do with having silly clown feet!

Anyway, apart from that all is well. New chin (who STILL doesn't have a name) has settled in brilliantly. And I have some ex foster rats here for their holidays - Jilly, Cassie and Bunny (now Maddie). It's lovely to see them again and, after a few coming back looking not so great recently, especially nice to see them looking so very healthy, happy and well cared for.

Friday, 8 June 2007

It's Official...

....we are now a three chinchilla household again :)

Introductions have gone well and the new chin is now living in the main cage with Star, Astro and the degu girls. We have a lot of work to do to convince her that humans aren't terrible evil things but we have plenty of time for that. At least now she has lots of friends and she seems quite pleased about that.

Here's her pic. Isn't she stunning?

All she needs now is a new name. I want to stick with the theme and have a few ideas but nothing definite yet. I'll keep you posted ;)

Monday, 4 June 2007

It's a sad day today

I've had two messages to say that ex foster babies have made their way to the bridge today.

First of all there was Sprout. Sprout was one of the same group as Widdle and Poop. They were one of my first litters of babies and a very dear group to me. Sprout was one of my particular favourites as he was always the troublemaker of the group. Sprout developed a pituitary tumour which didn't respond to treatment so he was helped on his way to the bridge this afternoon.

And then there was Flower who was again part of a special group. She came in along with Bluey, Rolo and Yogi, some of my all time favourites. She was an incredibly pretty, dainty little thing, a real girly girl. She had been ill for some time with various tumours and was helped to the bridge this morning before she begun to suffer.

Run free babies :(

Saturday, 2 June 2007

At last!!!

Finally, after ten months, Chilly, Chester, Mickle and Bob the gerbils have found a new home!! They honestly are the loveliest gerbils I have ever met and yet they waited and waited for a new home purely because they were pink eyed whites. I'm so pleased for them but I am going to miss them SO much. Particularly the little kisses they used to give me each night in exchange for their dinner.

We have a couple of new arrivals too. First off there is a little russian hamster who is going to be a friend for a single mouse...hopefully!! No name yet for that one.

And then there is Lily the chinchilla. At the moment she is a foster but she is here in the hope that she might get on with Astro and Star. I prefer to keep things in threes so that if one dies, no-one is left on their own so I'm hoping she'll bring the numbers back up. Chin intros can be a nightmare though so it'll probably be a while before we know if things will work out. If she stays she'll probably have to have a name change though since there can only be one Lily and she was a small but very norty rat! She's quite a stunner...I'll get pics soon!