Monday, 28 May 2007

Bye boys

So yesterday Big Daddy, Zak, Murray and Junior went to their new home.

I was a bit wibbly but not too bad. I guess partly because I am so sure that they're going to a great home and partly because I'll probably see them again as Alexis usually has her rats come back here for their holidays.

Mollie is still doing really really well. I must weigh her again cos she feels so solid now!!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Another Mollie Update

She is doing SOOOOO well :D

I weighed her and she has gained 30 grams!! Which is about 10% of her bodyweight so pretty bloomin amazing. She is really active and bright and we've got a lovely new routine going. I get in from work and pop her into her carry pouch while I make up her milkshake. As I'm mixing it up she pokes her little face out the pouch and sniffs the air all excited!! Then she has a feed and then another one before bed. No wonder she's turning into such a porker!

Sunday, 20 May 2007

Mollie's Progress

I'm delighted to report that Mollie is doing really well. She is much brighter, feeding well from the syringe and eating some solids for herself too.

I took some cute vid of her having her tea the other night. I don't know why it has that silly Youtube message on on the play button and it does work, honest!

In other news, Big Daddy & Sons are going to their new home next weekend. I'm so happy for them cos they're going to someone I know quite well who has adopted from me before so I know they are going to have a fabulous life.

Friday, 18 May 2007

Mollie is poorly :(

Apologies for the delay in updating. It was intially because there really wasnt much to report. Although I'm crazy busy at the moment keeping up with caring for everyone, there haven't been any new arrivals or homings to report or anything like that.

And then the last couple of days have just been all about the mollster. Wednesday night I got her out to play only she wasn't interested in playing at all. Then she didn't touch her food overnight which is unheard of. She has been very lethargic and not at all with it - even for Mollie.

I've been doing some research and talking to various squirrel people and it's looking like she might have a calcium deficiency. So I'm syringe feeding her a sort of milkshake full of lots of vitamins and it does seem to be helping. This evening she has picked up quite a bit so hopefully that will continue.

Anyone who knows me or is a regular visitor will know what Mollie means to me. She's like my baby, I utterly adore her. The thought of her not being here anymore is just unbearable. So it has been a pretty rough couple of days. Please keep her in your thoughts and pray she continues to make good progress.

Monday, 7 May 2007

A silly pic

Nothing much to report today. Just been using the extra day off to try and catch up a bit really.

Oh I did get a new phone last week with a much better camera which makes taking adhoc pics of people doing silly things much easier. So I thought I'd share this one of the vermin princess waking up.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Farewell Dear Friends

Today some very special friends have gone to their new homes.

Bad foot and Sidekick, my two special spiny boys, and Gracie no legs and her little friend, have gone to their new home with Kelly who runs I know they're going to have a wonderful life there but I will miss them here.

Spike and Beaker also went to their new home with Jo. I handed everyone over near Guildford and saying goodbye to the boys was really tough. I've known them for nearly a year now and have forged such a strong bond with them with everything they have been through. I have to admit to crying most of the way home - I thought I was past the crying when the rats go to new homes now but I guess not!

I forgot to update you on Nads too. It turns out her lumps are hernias! Although not brilliant at least they're not tumours which was the main worry. The vet thinks its best to leave well enough alone since she seems to be coping well.

Anyway, the place is pretty chaotic at the moment so I must go and sort everything out.

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Sleep well Scabby

My favourite little spiny mouse, Scabby Hop-Hop, left us for the bridge this evening. No warning, just gone in his cage. I guess he was probably quite old. It's very sad though as he had a nice new home all lined up for him soon.

In happier news, Stumpy McNolegs (aka Grace) is doing great and last night moved into a bigger cage with a new friend. They're getting on great :)

Mollie is back to her old self too :)

And I'm hugely relieved to report that Spike and Beaker have been offered a fabulous home with Jo who rescued them originally. She has several baby boys so will be able to introduce them to some new friends immediately. Hopefully that will perk them out of their current depression.

Degus are all doing well. Nads is in at the vets tonight and will be having a scan in the morning to see what her lumps are. Fingers crossed they're nothing sinister.