Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Sleep well Scabby

My favourite little spiny mouse, Scabby Hop-Hop, left us for the bridge this evening. No warning, just gone in his cage. I guess he was probably quite old. It's very sad though as he had a nice new home all lined up for him soon.

In happier news, Stumpy McNolegs (aka Grace) is doing great and last night moved into a bigger cage with a new friend. They're getting on great :)

Mollie is back to her old self too :)

And I'm hugely relieved to report that Spike and Beaker have been offered a fabulous home with Jo who rescued them originally. She has several baby boys so will be able to introduce them to some new friends immediately. Hopefully that will perk them out of their current depression.

Degus are all doing well. Nads is in at the vets tonight and will be having a scan in the morning to see what her lumps are. Fingers crossed they're nothing sinister.

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