Saturday, 5 May 2007

Farewell Dear Friends

Today some very special friends have gone to their new homes.

Bad foot and Sidekick, my two special spiny boys, and Gracie no legs and her little friend, have gone to their new home with Kelly who runs I know they're going to have a wonderful life there but I will miss them here.

Spike and Beaker also went to their new home with Jo. I handed everyone over near Guildford and saying goodbye to the boys was really tough. I've known them for nearly a year now and have forged such a strong bond with them with everything they have been through. I have to admit to crying most of the way home - I thought I was past the crying when the rats go to new homes now but I guess not!

I forgot to update you on Nads too. It turns out her lumps are hernias! Although not brilliant at least they're not tumours which was the main worry. The vet thinks its best to leave well enough alone since she seems to be coping well.

Anyway, the place is pretty chaotic at the moment so I must go and sort everything out.

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