Saturday, 2 June 2007

At last!!!

Finally, after ten months, Chilly, Chester, Mickle and Bob the gerbils have found a new home!! They honestly are the loveliest gerbils I have ever met and yet they waited and waited for a new home purely because they were pink eyed whites. I'm so pleased for them but I am going to miss them SO much. Particularly the little kisses they used to give me each night in exchange for their dinner.

We have a couple of new arrivals too. First off there is a little russian hamster who is going to be a friend for a single mouse...hopefully!! No name yet for that one.

And then there is Lily the chinchilla. At the moment she is a foster but she is here in the hope that she might get on with Astro and Star. I prefer to keep things in threes so that if one dies, no-one is left on their own so I'm hoping she'll bring the numbers back up. Chin intros can be a nightmare though so it'll probably be a while before we know if things will work out. If she stays she'll probably have to have a name change though since there can only be one Lily and she was a small but very norty rat! She's quite a stunner...I'll get pics soon!

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