Monday, 4 June 2007

It's a sad day today

I've had two messages to say that ex foster babies have made their way to the bridge today.

First of all there was Sprout. Sprout was one of the same group as Widdle and Poop. They were one of my first litters of babies and a very dear group to me. Sprout was one of my particular favourites as he was always the troublemaker of the group. Sprout developed a pituitary tumour which didn't respond to treatment so he was helped on his way to the bridge this afternoon.

And then there was Flower who was again part of a special group. She came in along with Bluey, Rolo and Yogi, some of my all time favourites. She was an incredibly pretty, dainty little thing, a real girly girl. She had been ill for some time with various tumours and was helped to the bridge this morning before she begun to suffer.

Run free babies :(

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