Sunday, 10 June 2007


I can't believe this. I've only gone and broken my toe - again! This is the fourth time in as many years! First I broke the little toe on my right foot by whacking it really hard on the base of my bed. Then I broke the second toe on my right foot when I fell out of the shower (dont ask). Then, just as that was almost healed, I jammed it into a metal cage and broke it again. Then Friday night I opened the kitchen door to walk into the kitchen but mistimed it so pulled the door back and moved my left foot forward at the same time. So now I have a pretty purple line all the way down my toe and it reaaaally hurts! I guess it's something to do with having silly clown feet!

Anyway, apart from that all is well. New chin (who STILL doesn't have a name) has settled in brilliantly. And I have some ex foster rats here for their holidays - Jilly, Cassie and Bunny (now Maddie). It's lovely to see them again and, after a few coming back looking not so great recently, especially nice to see them looking so very healthy, happy and well cared for.

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