Thursday, 14 June 2007

Too hot!

I forgot how horrid the rodent room is in summer. Within five minutes of starting cleaning out I'm sweating horribly and no matter how much I clean it permanently smells in there :(

We have had some more new arrivals since the weekend. Bizarrely enough, after Jilly, Cassie and Bunny came for their hols, two of Jilly's daughters have been returned. Nothing sinister, their Mum's circumstances changed and she did totally the right thing and returned them to us. And they've come back clean, healthy and with lovely temperaments. I don't suppose they will be here very long. Of course, Jilly is their Mum and their Dad is one of Spike, Beaker and Fozzie who were returned in April. Quite spooky!

I had a lovely time with Mollie this evening. She has been a bit neglected the last few days. I just dont seem to be able to catch up with things at the moment. I'm behind on the cleaning and don't even ask about the state of the house! So there hasn't been much time for vermin princess cuddles. So tonight she came out and she was bounding around the room like a nutcase! So I started fighting with her with my hand and to my delight she fought back. We had a lovely play and she was really enjoying herself! It was hilarious. Her claws were a bit long so I trimmed them and all the time she was having playful little nibbles at my fingers. I am an incredibly happy, proud Mummy tonight :D

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