Sunday, 11 February 2007

Even busier still!

Well after a busy weekend two weeks ago last weekend got even sillier.

A big rescue of spiny mice was taking place but we thought they were all placed in rescue. However when they were collected there were found to be a lot more than originally thought - about 400 altogether! So despite already being pretty full we ended up with 84 of them. Thankfully about 15 have now gone out on foster elsewhere but since most of the girls are pregnant I think those numbers will soon be replaced!!

So all week we've just been trying to keep up with all the cleaning and feeding. Eight of them went in to the vets on Friday to have tails amputated as they were badly damaged. Fraggle went in the same day to be spayed and have a lump removed from her face. She didn't react too well to the anaesthetic and was very confused and upset Friday night. She's much better now though thankfully.

Today we're anticipating the arrival of 9 rats from Birmingham so it's a very full house here right now!

This afternoon Widdle and Poop moved in with the four girl rats which was really nice. They seem to be enjoying their new home and new room mates :)

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