Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Skip again

We've been back to the vet with Skip again this evening :( After his initial improvement he has been going down hill again and his tummy is really bloated. The vet was actually quite surprised at how well he was given how impacted he is :( But there isnt a great deal more we can do. He has medication to stimulate his intestines to work which he has been having for a few days now with no apparent effect. He now also has liquid paraffin which should hopefully soften his poo to make it easier to pass. The vets recommendation was that if he's not significantly better in a few days we should think about letting him go :(

So the plan of action is to put him on an entirely liquid diet for now since the smoothy last week seemed to help. Mixed in with that will be his liquid paraffin and we'll carry on with the zantac too. If that goes well we'll add some solid fruit, then some veg, then some fish, gradually working up to more solid food to see what he can and can't manage.

I think the next few days are pretty critical though so please keep him in your thoughts. He is the most incredibly special little guy. I know realistically its a miracle he has lived this long but he has a real fighting spirit and love for life so if anyone can beat this, Skippy can!

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