Monday, 17 March 2008


Shadow has been to the vets this evening. His back has gotten so much worse just over the weekend. Anyway he has had more antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anti mite treatment. He's back indoors again as well as he has lost weight so needs a bit of pampering. Within an hour of being indoors he has pulled more fur out leaving him with a huge bald, scabby patch on his back :( This has being going on for two months now poor boy. The vet has taken some bits of fur to look at under a microscope as well to see what we're dealing with. He might need to have some special baths.

As if that weren't enough, Skips bum is playing up again. He has been a bit bunged up on and off for a week or two. Nothing terrible, just a bit bloated in the tummy. We've found that milk of magnesia has done a good job of getting thing moving again. Well the last few days he's been having trouble pooing and his bottom has been getting a bit bunged up. This evening he has a very dry poo in there..the sort that usually proceeds one of his bad spells :( So we've unbunged him as best we can for now and put some liquid paraffin up his bottom which tends to help. We'll be giving him milk of magnesia twice a day for now too. Hopefully the things we have learnt will enable us to stop it before it gets bad again.

All in all I'm looking forward to falling into bed and becoming unconcious today :(

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