Saturday, 24 January 2009

A busy day

We've had a very busy and productive day today. I'm exhausted but very pleased.

First of all two of the baby boy rats who came in just after Christmas - Rhydian and Leon - went to their new home in Poole. Then their sister Alexandra and her friend Haarla went to their new home. Haarla had been purchased from a pet shop as a "treat" for someone's pet snake. Thankfully the snake appeared to find a live rat intimidating rather than attractive and she survived and was abandoned at another pet shop. Then Danielle the hamster left to live with her new family. And finally, after 14 months here, Dre and Eminem the degus have left for their new home near the coast! I shall miss them lots! Dre in particular had made progress recently and finally seemed to quite like us. It's so great to know they'll finally have the home they deserve though.

We also have a new addition in the form of Fred, a 15 month old boy who was rescued from a home where he'd been kept alone in a small cage. This has left the poor boy with some issues and after suffering several nasty bites his rescuer realised he was more than they could handle and asked us to help. He has already been neutered so once he has settled in I'll see what he thinks of sharing his life with some girls.

As usual we owe a big thank you to Sylvia for her help in transporting Rhydian, Leon, Dre and Eminem to their new homes and delivering Fred to us.

We also have some temporary lodgers in the form of Jake (who was born here in Nov 06 and homed to Amanda who runs and his friend Dexter. Dex has a skin problem which several vets have so far failed to diagnose so we're going to see if the wonderful Rob at Seers Croft in Horsham can help. He's booked in for Monday evening so fingers crossed Rob can get to the bottom of what is going on and help him out.

So that's been our day so far...quite exhausting, but very productive!


  1. what species of boy is fred then?

  2. A rat, oops

    Would Beri like a job as my official blog proof reader?