Monday, 1 January 2007

Happy New Year

New year, new blog page, new resolution to post more regularly!!

I recently computerised all the animal records which has given me the capacity to see quite easily what we have done this (I mean last) year! So today seems like a good time to review 2006 and share with you what we have achieved.

It's a bit scary 2006 we took in 292 foster animals! This breaks down as

2 chinchillas
1 chinese hamster
8 degus
1 dog
24 gerbils
18 mice
178 rats
3 roborovski hamsters
54 russian hamsters
3 syrian hamsters

And what happened to them?

201 found new homes directly from here
41 were returned to Furry Friends HQ to be homed from there
12 of them died :( (this was mostly babies who didn't make it)
9 of them stayed here :D
29 are still here

That's a whopping increase on the 74 animals we took in during the 7 months of 2005 that we were fostering! It has been a busy year that's for sure. There have been a lot of wonderful moments and seeing pictures of some very special friends enjoying their new homes never fails to put the hugest grin on my face. There have been some sad goodbyes too but even so I am just grateful to have known these animals and had a chance to give them a little happiness before their time came.

So, deep breath, and on with 2007!!!

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