Friday, 5 January 2007

New Arrivals

Last night we were joined by some more baby girl rats and their two Mum's. Pictures and details will follow shortly.

Today I am mostly worrying about Squirt the rat who was looking poorly last night. He has a flare up of mites (which he has always been prone to) and is a bit limp and breathing funny. My concern is that it is heart trouble like Honey had. He is off to the vets this afternoon. I have also treated Dumpling for mites and his breathing is a bit noisy too.

When I'm not worrying about them I am pondering that Jake will be leaving me for his new home tomorrow, along with his new brothers. He is special to me anyway having been born here in a litter of just two rats, because I kept his Mum and sister and cos I met his Dad and Uncles who were absolutely adorable. But aside from all that he really is the most remarkable rat I've ever met. He is so full of fun and naughtiness and literally a laugh a minute. Every night I get distracted by the four of them demanding play and they are going to leave an enormous gap in the rat room. I really will miss them a great deal.

So please send healing thoughts for Squirt and Dumpling and keep everything crossed that I get through tomorrow without blubbing like a baby and making a wally of myself!!

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