Sunday, 2 September 2007


Things are officially bonkers here!

Having taken in 30 rats from the portsmouth rescue (who are all doing fantastically by the way), we got an urgent request for help from one of our previous adopters. A batch of baby rats were handed in to their vets surgery and their future was very uncertain.

So today I took in 11 beautiful baby boys - you can see pics of the rats needing homes page.

The good news is that the group of four girls - Thelma, Louise, Bridgette and Ariel - have gone to another foster home in Somerset where they'll get more time and attention to help them gain confidence.

But despite that, numbers of animals here at the moment are at an all time high - 123 to be precise! I dread to think how that might increase if any of the portsmouth girls do turn out to be pregnant.

Sad news - Chummy the Spiny Mouse passed away last night following a major bust up with Munchkin which left him badly injured and in deep shock. He was my favourite little guy - really sweet and friendly - so I am very saddened by his death. Poor Munchkin isn't looking great either - no injuries but he is very shocked and looking very sorry for himself :(

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  1. That's a lot of animals!

    So sorry about Chummy. :(