Sunday, 16 September 2007

An update

Blimey has it really been two weeks already? It is just non stop at the moment. After a week off work I have finally gotten on top of all the cleaning. But it's a bit like painting the forth bridge.

We've taken in even more animals in the last couple of weeks. One of the Portsmouth does, Marissa, gave birth to three babies but rejected them. Sadly two of them died but one, Eva, we managed to foster on to Meredith. This was keeping her alive but she was struggling to get a look in amongst Merediths already generous litter of older babies. So Lois, who was involved in the original rescue, very kindly drove another doe, Mandy, who gave birth around the same time as Marissa, to me and Mandy has luckily taken Eva on. Eva is now doing really well.

We also took in two very timid girls. Usual story - bought from a pet shop, never handled and people wonder why they are scared and bite! They'll be going out on foster with Tanya who adopted two scaredies from me earlier this year so that they can get more attention.

Also next weekend we should have quite a few babies heading out to their new homes. Justine, Maria, Jelena and Amelie, the Wimbledon girls, will also be off to their new home.

Three of the baby boys from the Portsmouth gang are causing me concern. They are very undersized and just not thriving. I've had to separate them from their Mum's now since they're that age but they're still so tiny. As they are largely white there is a chance they may have a genetic condition called megacolon which is fatal :( So for now we're just feeding them up and keeping a close eye on them. They are all lovely boys but one in particular, Skip, has really stolen my heart. He is such a norty little lad and as soon as he sees me he is up demanding attention. I really hope he is ok :(

Loki had her other op on Thursday to remove three more lumps. It all went well so now we are just waiting for the results to make sure they were benign. She had another blood test and her liver enzymes have gone down a lot which is really good news.

Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

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