Friday, 4 January 2008

A little better

Well things are looking a bit better here. I finally managed to sort Skip out and everything seems to be working for him again (with a little help from me).

Grandpa is still in hospital but we're still waiting for real news on how he is. For now he seems to be doing a bit better anyway.

This week we have been working flat out to reorganise the rodent room. The main catalyst was a dire need to get the chinchillas and degus into a new cage before their old one collapsed. As the new cage was so much bigger this necessitated a big switch round and Dave has built a big shelf unit to hold all the small cages. Anyway we're really pleased with it but utterly exhausted! Today has been an enforced day of rest - the totally ditsy things I keep doing were a clear signal that I needed a day off!! I've taken the opportunity to update the website a bit - you should see some new toys to the right...I hope they work ok but with the way my brain is today I wouldn't guarantee it!!

The other good news is that the last of the roborovski hamsters are heading for their new homes today, narrowly avoiding spending a whole year in rescue.

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