Friday, 25 January 2008

Sad baby news

I was quite excited Wednesday night as Uma mouse looked like she was going into labour. When I checked on her Thursday she looked slimmer but I couldn't see any babies. I needed to check everything was ok so I looked in her nest and there was some blood but no babies. It would appear that being moved just a few days before she gave birth was too much for her and she must have eaten her babies. Pragmatically, it's for the best. She is very young, has already had at least one litter of babies and obviously it's a whole lot fewer mice to find homes for. But I was still ever so upset at the thought of all those little lives which never got lived :(

The good news is that all 5 girls have homed lined up already but I'm worried that one of the older babies, Moretta, might be pregnant herself as she is looking a bit round too.

I'll keep you posted anyway with mousey and degu baby news.

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