Sunday, 27 January 2008

What a weekend

Dear me, it has been a busy weekend!

Saturday was spent having a big clean out as usual. Then in the evening we had a new arrival in the form of Snowberry, a syrian hamster who had been advertised on my local Freecycle.

In the evening I was feeding some of the degus when one climbed out of the door of the cage and fell to the floor. I went to pick him up and he took his confusion out on my finger. He got me in jst the right place and oh boy did it bleed.

Sunday morning I went out to clean the rabbits and give them their second mite treatment and found that Shadow had been scratching again :( He has caused more wounds on his sides and they have now gotten infected. So he and Kitkat have had to come indoors again.

Later we had two more degu arrivals. Two little girls and one boy from an accidental litter. The girls are staying here and are now lodging with Calista, Emilia and Latoya. The little boy has gone to Emma to live with some boys there.

And finally we took in three baby syrian hamsters. Their Mum was purchased from a pet shop and turned out to be pregnant. I'm a little worried about one of them who seems a bit underweight and bloated so I'll be keeping an eye on them. They're terrible pictures but you get an idea of how cute they are anyway

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