Saturday, 2 February 2008

I know I say this a lot but...., what a day!

The day began early when we met the wonderful Sylvia who helps transport animals to their new homes at Emma's. Today 12 animals travelled to their new homes thanks to Sylvia!

Kimberly, Shortie and Shyla will be lodging with Sylvia and then Lois, another furry friends fosterer, on their way to their new home in Poole.

Spike and Nutmeg will be lodging with Sylvia before travelling to their new home in South Wales.

Snowberry the hamster and Percy and Squits the spiny mice went to live with Hannah, who has adopted from us before. They'll be very spoilt rodents indeed :D

Minnie the gerbil went to live in Chesterfield, and three of the group of 7 gerbils went to live in Pontefract.

So, after that big clear out I'd planned a big blitz, sort out and move round in the rodent room. As so often happens though I got distracted. For a few weeks I'd been looking at that nice big new chinchilla cage and poor lonely Hans and wondering. I thought the chances of introducing him successfully to another male and two female chinchillas and a group of 5 degus was pretty slim. But he has been so lonely, I thought I had to give it a go. 6 hours later (which seems like a lot but is far, far quicker than I expected) and they are all living happily together. It was the easiest introduction I have ever done of any animal I think. I'm still in shock. I am SO SO happy I can't tell you! Hans arrived here 6 months ago having just been neutered after falling out with his brother. There had been complications with his neutering and when he got here he was horribly thin. I opened the door of his carry box and he jumped straight out into my arms. It was love at first sight but there was no room in the old cage for him. Dave (who insists all chinchillas are evil) and I are both besotted with Hans. He's always at the cage door wanting a fuss and a play. He's the most affectionate chinchilla I've ever met, even more so than Astro. So we're both really chuffed that he'll be staying with us. If a little worried by what evil we may have unleashed on the world by giving Astro a partner in crime!!

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