Thursday, 28 February 2008

Poor Frank

You might recall that amongst the recent new arrivals was a group of three boys, Frank, Miles and Daniel. Frank is the little man with a head tilt.

Last night, just as we got into bed, there was a lot of banging and crashing and squealing from the rodent room. I rushed in there to find poor Frank being attacked! He has three wounds on him but there's not a mark on either of the other two which just goes to show that it was an attack rather than a squabble.

So poor Frank has had to be separated and is now on his own. I have no doubt that if he'd been left in there they would have done him serious damage or even killed him. I'm very surprised as there had been no sign of any problems between them previously.

So once Frank has had all his mite treatments I'm going to try introductions with Ronnie. I think the two of them might be compatible and Reggie could then go in with the babies arriving tomorrow.

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