Saturday, 9 February 2008

New arrivals

I was quite relieved by last weekends clear out as things were pretty crowded. I decided I wouldn't take anyone else in to give me a chance to catch up a bit. Of course, the best laid plans and all that!

On Tuesday Emma asked if I could help with some roborovski hamsters. She'd had a batch brought in by someone who had been breeding from them and no-one wanted them. They had been fighting badly and Emma had had to separate some of them. So I took a group of three who had been kept separate from the others. On arrival I checked them over and found, to my dismay, that there was one boy and two girls. So they have had to be separated obviously and we'll have to wait and see if the girls are pregnant.

And then on Thursday Emma asked if I could help with some rats. She had had a call from a woman who'd had a single female rat for about a year when she decided to get her a friend. So she went to the pet shop and bought a four month old male to live with her!! As if that wasn't plain ridiculous enough, this is the cage she had them share


Yep, that is a hamster starter cage, although I wouldn't keep even a dwarf hamster in it myself. This poor year old lady suddenly had a young hormonal boy sharing that tiny cage with her and she had nowhere to go to get away from him :( So she (now called Roxy) joins Calista degu and the two roborovski girls on Baby Watch. The boy, Ronnie, is having a few days chill out time on his own and then I'll see if he would like to lodge with Skip's crew until some suitable boys to pair him up with arrive.

Speaking of Skip, he's bunged up again :( He had been doing amazingly well and pooing for himself quite a bit but almost overnight he got into problems. Still, at least we know how to sort it now I guess.

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