Wednesday, 27 February 2008


Please keep Hansy Man in your thoughts. Last night I found him looking very subdued and with a gooey stuck together eye. I cleaned his eye and gave him antibiotics and eye drops but I was really worried at how subdued he was and totally off his food. I wasn't sure he'd last the night to be honest.

Well he has been to the vets today and it's not clear what's going on. The eye itself is ok but the tissue around it is very inflamed. It might suggest a problem with his teeth which would be very bad news. So we're carrying on with the eye drops and antibiotics and adding in some painkilling anti-inflammatories. We're also syringe feeding him so he can get his strength up a bit. Then he'll have an x-ray on Monday to see what's going on with his teeth.

He is looking a bit brighter this evening and took some of the syringed formula quite willingly. Please keep him in your thoughts so he gets his strength back and keep your fingers crossed that it's just an eye infection and not a tooth problem.

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