Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Noobs

As mentioned, we were expecting quite a few new arrivals.

On Sunday we took in 9 new rats from three different sources. Firstly, from a home in Norfolk we have The Slaters. A group of four girls with lots of mouth! They were pretty shy on arrival but then they had had a long day. Now they're much more friendly although none are overly keen on being picked up. They're a really cute, funny bunch who have got the hump with my own girls being in the cage next door and have been huffing and puffing at them and then taking in out on each other like a bunch of chavs outside a nightclub on a Saturday night, hence the names! Although they're "boring black hoodies" they have really nice markings and are all very pretty. They need to stay here for a few weeks to make sure they're not preggers.

So, the boss is Kat. She is the friendliest and once she realised I was ok she spent most of the evening on my shoulder

Second in command would appear to be Lyn. She is curious but really sounds off when you try to pick her up!

Then there's Zoe who has a really pretty white nose which you can't see in this pic

And then there's Little Mo, the smallest and shyest of the batch and almost chocolate in colour.

And showing what nosy little monkeys they are

Also from this same home is Barney. He has been living on his own but his ex owner said he was ok to travel with some other boys. They disagreed and took a big chunk out of his shoulder. This has closed and scabbed already but he's a bit of a mess bless him. He's riddled with lice and covered in scabs and cuts. He's obviously meant to be a big handsome stud muffin but at the moment he's just a very battered old man. I'll see how he reacts to some baby boys who are due to arrive soon but he may end up being neutered. Dave has fallen in love with this lad big time. He is such a sweetie !

Then, from a local home, came these three boys, also crawling with lice.

Daniel and Miles are two very well roaned huskys and a lovely pair of squishes. They're easy to tell apart as Miles has a stripe of colour left on his back



And Frank is a smeezy lad with a headtilt. I suspect he has had this for a while but he'll get a course of baytril just in case. He copes well with his headtilt although he twists when he gets stressed.

And finally there is the evil that is Reggie. He was the only boy in his litter and is undoubtedly the naughtiest little monster I've ever met. He is totally full of himself. I've introduced him to a lone lad, Ronnie, this evening. Ron is 5 months to Reggie's 8 weeks ish but it's obvious he'll be boss. He kept running up to Ron, bouncing on him, and then running away as if to say "chase me, chase me"!!

Here's Reggie

And with Ronnie

I'm hoping to add at least one other baby boy to their group as I think Reg will want a friend of his own age.

And then last night we took in a group of four spiny mice. Now this case saddens me. More so than the rats who came from a home where they were missexed, left to breed and crawling with lice even. This is one of the spinies who arrived yesterday

And where did he come from? The home of someone who knew no better and let things get out of control? No, another rescue. Who on earth can animals rely on if they can't rely on a rescue? It really saddens me.

So none of these animals will be ready for homing for a little while since almost all have parasites and/or wounds to recover from first. Still, they're safe now at least.

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  1. Oh God that spiny has brought tears to my eyes, was there not even an explanation?

    Poor little loves. xx