Saturday, 23 February 2008

Skip Again and some imminent arrivals

I'm pleased (delighted) to announce that Skip is doing great. Everything seems to be functioning well and he has been producing poo and pushing out the right end ok!! Unfortunately last night I gave him a new flavour of baby food and neglected to check the ingredients thoroughly and missed that it contained tomato. For some reason tomato really does not agree with Skip so this morning I was greeted by the sight and smell of Skip, Quest and Tim all covered in orange diarrhoea. Pleasant! Still, it's all coming out which is the main thing I guess!

I tided up the animal database this morning and was pleased to note that we only have 62 animals here at the moment which is a reasonable number for us. Of course, I spoke too soon! Tomorrow we are taking some rats from a large batched being rescued from a home in Norfolk. Not sure how many yet but definitely 4, possibly more. We also have 8 baby boy rats due in from an accidental litter. Then Emma called to ask if I could take a group of three girls who have been handed in this evening. One appears to have a pituitary tumour which is a type of brain tumour common in rats which affects their mobility. It's likely she will need to live out her days here. Emma is also taking back a large number of spiny mice from a rescue who have been unable to home the ones they took in from the big rescue we did a year ago.

So I don't think the numbers are going to stay that low very long! On the plus side, when Sylvia goes to collect the animals from Norfolk, she is taking Whiskers, Pretty and Biggles the degus and Hobbs the hamster to their new homes. I'm really pleased for the degus in particular although I shall miss them lots. I know I shouldn't have favourites but I do have a major soft spot for those three girls and was tempted to add them to my own group. But I decided to see how things panned out and if a home came up for them they would go and if there are others left without a home they can stay.

So today and tomorrow we're moving things around trying to make as much room as possible for the new arrivals. I'll update you once they're here :)

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