Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Eeper update

Well we had some sad news on the eeper front. After the arrivals on Tuesday, we had another batch of arrivals on Wednesday and then the third girl, Priya, showed signs of being in labour. On Thursday lunchtime we got home to find that she had given birth to two dead babies and wasn't looking too great herself. So we rushed her to the vets and on the way and while we were there she gave birth to four more dead babies :( The vet did an x-ray and thankfully that seemed to be all of them so she escaped having a hysterectomy and came home for nursing and observation. I'm pleased to say that she is now looking fine and seems none the worse for ordeal but I found it incredibly sad that the poor babies were so close to life but never got to experience it.

The other two girls have 9 babies each who are all doing well. These pics were taken yesterday

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  1. So sad about the babies, glad mum seems to be ok. The other babies look good though.