Sunday, 13 April 2008

Influx and a smaller ...errr....outflux

Wow what a weekend! It was set to be a busy one anyway cos I was pretty behind on cleaning and stuff after a busy week. Then came the call on Saturday about an estimated 15 rats needing rescuing. Serena from Pet Rescue went to check out the situation and found 20 odd rats, 20 odd chinchillas plus cats, hamsters and degus all living in horrendous circumstances in this home. The things was we were full. But there was no way these animals could be left as they were. So we spent all weekend moving cages and animals around and making some extra room. Thankfully Furry Friends and NANA stepped in to offer help for a lot of the animals too. We have taken in two russian hamsters and 15 rats. One of the female rats was with the boys and the boys broke into the girls cage recently too so chances are some of them are going to be pregnant.

We also had a call this weekend about 35 rats needing homes. It just feels like what we're doing is a drop in the ocean at the moment :(

On a happier note Bennie and Roberto the rats, Bailey the gerbil, Kayla the syrian hamster and Lola, Lexi and Rodney the robos all went to their new homes today. This is really great news - Kayla and Bailey had been looking for nearly 3 months and neither were overly happy in rescue. The three robos weren't overly friendly so it'll do them good to be in a home and get some more attention.

Anyway, the new arrivals have been left to settle in after their long day. I'll get photos and update in the next few days :)

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