Sunday, 20 April 2008

Newbie Update & other news

Well the new rats (aka The Might-Be's) have turned out to be right handfuls. On Tuesday night I split the girls into two groups, separating any who looked pregnant into a suitable nursing cage. On Friday morning I went in to check on everyone and found the room is some disarray with several water bottles on the floor. The reason - a large hole in the nursing cage which the chompy little minxes had created! So I had to have a move around and they are now housed in a suitable all metal cage. There are four girls who look imminent - a couple look fit to explode in fact so I think we'll be hearing eeping within a few days.

In other news Big Bad Barney rat went for his neuter on Wednesday. He recovered fine despite my concerns about his age and rattly chest so now we just need to wait two weeks til he is safe to see how he reacts to some girls. It looks like Daniel, Miles and Reggie might also be getting visits from the testicle fairy as there has been quite a lot of scrapping going on in their cages.

The Mummy amongst the mice we took in a couple of weeks ago who are on foster with Katie has given birth again. Katie is leaving her alone for now but once I have numbers or pics I'll let you know.

Shadow wabbit seems a bit better I think but we'll find out for sure tomorrow when we go back to the vets and he is weighed.

Skip got bunged again and had to have an enema on Friday. Last time he had diarrhoea afterwards but he's still a bit bunged up now so we're keeping a close eye on him and giving him laxatives.

If you pootle over to the rats page you'll see that we have a new addition to the family as well :)

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