Saturday, 28 April 2007

Degus R Us

Well they have arrived. Another 18 of them!

There were going to be 6 boys and 12 girls but as I checked them I noticed something amiss with one of the boys. He actually looked too much like a boy. Sorry to be indelicate but his bits were HUGE! Degu boys don't usually have visible dangly bits! So I looked more closely and realised that he was actually a she with two big swellings in her groin. I don't know if they are perhaps tumours or if she is very very full of milk. She'll be off to the vets on Monday so please keep her in your thoughts. I pray it is something easily fixable as I'm rather in love with her already. I always planned to adopt a few girls from this rescue since I've lost a few of my girls now. So I've decided she'll stay here for the rest of her days one way or another. I just hope it's for plenty of time yet. I have called her Nadine - Nads for short. I know. Sorry!!

Mollie squirrel had a fit today :( She came through it fine as usual but afterwards she had a little trouble holdng her food. I pray it was just that she was a bit squiffy and not anything lasting or a sign of things to come. I'm so very aware that at 8 years old, with all her problems, every day is a miracle really.

Spike and Beaker seem better. Well Beaker does definitely but Spike is still not himself. There is no sign of any illness though so I think it is just grief.

Anyway I'll let you know how things go with Nads

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