Thursday, 26 April 2007

TFI Nearly Friday

A mixed day really.

The good news is that Stellar and Lunar have gone to their new home this evening. Their new Mum is lovely and I think they are going to be very spoilt indeed :)

The sad news is I am worried about Fozzie's brothers, Spike and Beaker. They didn't eat very much at all overnight. I am giving them antibiotics in case there is something going round but I rather suspect they're just depressed at the loss of Fozzie. I know many people will think that is anthropomorphising but rats really do grieve. I have seen it before where perfectly healthy rats can literally die of grief when a cagemate leaves them. Realistically neither of them are young anymore and someone is going to get left alone before too long. I'll have to have a good think about their future.

I'm terribly behind on cleaning again between trips to vets and things being a bit hectic with Dave's new job. So that'll be my weekend taken care of again!! Tomorrow Emma and I are doing a major critter swap and she is taking some spiny mice, the four boy gerbils and Edie and Fern in exhange for me taking 15 female degus, since I have more degu suitable cages than her. It's going to look like an explosion in a degu factory round here by this time tomorrow!

The sad thing is I've had the grand total of one enquiry offering a home to some degus. It's so sad. They really are fabulous animals and so much fun. I don't know why nobody wants them. It's sad for them spending their lives in rescue but it's also sad for all the animals we're having to turn away because we're chockablock with degus right now. And I suspect we'll be full up with degus for months or possibly even years to come the way it's going :(

Ho hum. Bed beckons. At least it's Friday tomorrow!

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