Wednesday, 25 April 2007

So many goodbyes

I've been spending some time catching up with ex fosters in their new homes recently. For the most part this has been really positive and I've heard lots of lovely stories about how well they're doing and seen some fabulous photos of them having fun in their new homes. And then all of a sudden I've had a run of people reporting that friends are no longer with us. It doesn't matter how long they were here, how long ago, I remember them all, I have love for them all and it makes me so sad to hear they have passed on.

And then this evening I went up to start cleaning and as I went to let Fozzie, Beaker and Spike out for a play, Fozzie leapt into my arms and I saw that he was struggling to breathe. We got him to the emergency vets and he had some treatment but he died in my arms on the way home. It seems his little heart failed him. This is extra sad as Fozzie never found his proper forever home :( Run free Fozzie bear xx

So I'm afraid I'm feeling rather down this evening. I'm off to bed now with a large packet of biscuits!

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