Sunday, 22 April 2007


Lunar and Stellar the chinchillas have found a new home! I've just spent 45 minutes on the phone nattering to their new Mum and I think they're going to be very happy. They're only going local too so hopefully she is picking them up mid week which will free up some space for some more degus.

I split the current group of 12 into two yesterday as they needed more space now they've settled in. And the amount of mess they make is shocking! I put the best looking six in one group and the ones who still look a bit rough in the other. The first group now look pretty normal. Apart from being a bit thin there is little sign of what they have been through. It's amazing how quickly they bounce back. The second group are still a bit tatty looking but all very bright and active.

The back has been a lot better today so I've managed to have a pretty good go at the cleaning. Still only fairly basic cleans - oh how I long to hose some cages down, never thought I'd say that - but it has made a big difference.

Quite a lot of the spiny mice are a little poorly at the moment. They have little respiratory infections which is making their breathing a little noisy and they have lost weight. So I'm administering tiny little doses of antibiotics to them. Bless!

That's about it really. The humans here are a bit tense today as Mr Sprog starts a new job tomorrow. He is coming to work for the civil service with me! And I have a big day at work tomorrow with an accommodation move and new bits of work coming into my team so I'm signing off for the day now. Going to go feed the monsters and have a nice hot bubbly bath before getting an early night with Supernatural and Lost!

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