Sunday, 15 April 2007

A new look!

I've been laid up for a couple of weeks after managing to tear a ligament in my back! It has been unbelievably frustrating not being able to get things done. But I have spent quite a bit of time on the computer updating records and things and I've revamped the site a bit. I'm quite chuffed with it given my extremely limited website skills. You'll notice a new feature on the blog too which shows you some of my videos on YouTube which you can click on to watch. Hope you like the new look :)

Anyway, this afternoon I'm feeling much happier as I've been able to complete a round of cleaning. I'm still not as up to date as I'd like but at least everyone has been cleaned out reasonably recently. I'm preparing myself for an influx of degus tomorrow!

I'm currently nursing a rather special little spiny mouse girl. Her cagemates attacked her an bit her legs. I separated her and in the time it look me to prepare a cage for her she chewed half of her own back legs off! It was pretty horrific but these creatures really are quite amazing. She has pretty good stumps which are healing remarkably quickly and she charges about like nothing happened. The other good news is that she already has a new home lined up for when she's better, with the owner of the All About Mice forum! I'll keep you updated on her progress.

Loki sprog dog pulled a claw out of her foot last week and her toe has gotten infected. So she is currently bandaged up and milking it for all it's worth!!

Well time for me to go and watch Lost!!!

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